Women Empowerment

The future is female! "Women-friendly" fashion defined by the hands of our employees so that they could take care for their families.


The garment industry is an industry where still most of the goods are still handcrafted. Women traditionally do this. Since the shifting of the clothing industry to the Far East, entire sectors of the textile industry in Germany and the EU have collapsed and many highly qualified female employees have lost their livelihood. Since our foundation, we have had our products manufactured in small manufactory and women and family owned businesses in the region. We want to support the local industry to rebuild an economic fundament in Europe. In addition, it is important to us to work together with professionals who value their employees and who make sure that their employees have regular working hours, good working conditions, and good incomes and health services. We have very close connections to our cooperation partners and visit our companies regularly. We do not tolerate child labor.

Our main production takes place in Germany and in neighboring Poland. Here we know that very well-trained professionals, with decades of experience and manufactories with tradition manufacture our products to the highest quality standards and the employees have a regulated mostly over-taxable source of income for the care of the family.

In addition, to empower women in the world, to be save, free and self-determined and to be able to decide how they want to live their lives without fear, and to protect that freedom, we work with non-profit organizations to promote the education and health of girls and women in disadvantaged regions. For more see ‘Charity’