As a textile company, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and nature. Our products are "eco friendly". The materials we use are particularly environmentally friendly. We stand for the fact that we want to combine fair working conditions with modern design.


We are committed to the mission of combining sustainable materials and fair working conditions with modern design. We do not believe in fast fashion, mass products or dumping prices. Rather, we value traditional craftsmanship and high quality. Classic forms and cuts are combined with selected fabrics that neither exploit the animal nor the environment, thus conforming to our "non-violence" philosophy. Since its founding, sustainability has therefore been firmly anchored in our corporate culture. For us, sustainable business activity is not just a trend or part of a marketing strategy, but the DNA of our label. We are committed to the concept of sustainable development in order to preserve the natural basis of life for future generations. In our entrepreneurial activities, we take on responsibility towards our employees and business partners as well as our environment. As a textile company, we want to make a contribution to the common good and therefore rely on long-term value creation. Our products are "environmentally friendly". We avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals. The materials we use are CO2-friendly and grown on natural soils, and produced with a minimum of waste. We also use innovative materials, such as Tencel, which are based on natural resources and are environmentally friendly thanks to the closed cycle.


To live up to our vision of a sustainable business, we have firmly anchored sustainability right from the start in our corporate strategy. Transparent structures and flat hierarchies help us to translate this strategy into operational business. Our sustainability strategy is the basis for our daily activities and is based on the core themes of production and materials. They are associated with other topics such as environmental sustainability, working conditions and animal welfare.