Since its founding in 2014, PHILOMENA has been steadily evolving. Integrated sustainability has been the company's central theme since the beginning and firmly anchored in the corporate culture.

We live and work for a responsible dealing with the earth and our nature, but also for a good and fair interpersonal behavior. Especially in this days, when there is more and more environmental damage, social injustice and destruction, in our opinion this leitmotif is more important than ever. We therefore see it as our duty, as a pioneer in the field of sustainable luxury, to promote sustainability through transparency and to contribute to the further development of the fashion industry for the next generations.

In order to provide an overview and better understanding of the multitude of our activities and actions, we would like to report here about our activities and our path towards a more responsible approach to the world.

As with the creation of the company, we strive today to act responsibly in all aspects of our business and will continue to do so. In the coming years, we would therefore like to not only improve steadily on the path we have already taken, but also to establish our involvement in other areas of our corporate culture. Here are some areas we are also close to: possible certifications, development of charitable initiatives, promotion of social engagement.

We believe that only through open communication can we continuously improve and perhaps even inspire and stimulate others to question things and explore alternative ways.

 Philomena Zanetti Ethics