Sharing is caring! We give 10% of our proceeds of our goods to charities and environmental organizations that support the education and development of women's rights of young girls and women in the crisis areas of the world.

We say thank you and would like to do something in return. We women in the Western world have the great fortune to lead a free and self-determined life. We are allowed to vote, get an education and access to medical care. That is not a matter of course everywhere in the world. In many areas of the world, women are still socially inferior and have many restrictions. We want to help changing that. Since February 2018 we have been in close contact with a global aid organization dedicated to protecting, educating and building equal rights for girls and women in crisis areas. We want to do our part to improve the care and promotion of women and will contribute 10% of the proceeds of our goods in cooperation with this NGOs so that we can be sure that the money will arrive where it is needed for a better future of women in need. More about this soon!

Philomen Zanetti - Charity